We wake, we breathe

We travail

We fake, we cheat

We prevail


But do we live?

No, we are just living bodies with dying souls


We often try to be anything but ourselves

We lied that everything was alright

We pretend that everything is alright

We delude ourselves that everything will be alright

We are just too shattered to accept that everything is not alright


No, we are not alright


We are too arrogant to acknowledge that we do not really know who we really are

They said, “It’s your own body and soul!”


Yet we don’t want to know who we really are; we perceive ourselves as who we want ourselves to be

Because knowing our true selves reveals our shattered, dying souls


And when we have realized who we really are, we just have gone too far

We convince ourselves that the way back to good is nowhere within our reach




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